Safety & Disinfection:                                                         

 ~ A daily self health check will be performed by your Esthetician and they will only provide services if they are 100% free of all cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms.

~ For your comfort and safety,  your Esthetician will be wearing a surgical mask at all times during your treatment.

~ Your Esthetician may also wear gloves during treatments when it is appropriate.

 ~ All high touch surfaces ( massage table,  furniture,  door handles,  counter tops & bathroom)  will be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant before and after each client.

 ~ Treatment times will be spaced 30 min apart to thoroughly sanitize between clients.

 ~ Due to the small size of our location,  we have the benefit of only having one client in our space at a time.

 ~ Each client will be provided with their own clean linens during their treatment.

 ~ Please bring your own water to your appointment for sanitation purposes.

 ~ Hand sanitizer will be provided to you upon entry.

~ Your spa therapist will be continually informed and up to date on any changes provided by Health Canada,  WorkSafe BC and BC Centre for Disease Control.





Health Screening:

~ We are required to prescreen all clients for COVID-19 like symptoms before every appointment.

 ~ If you are experiencing any cold, flu or COVID-19 like symptoms ( even mild ones),  please reschedule your appointment and contact your family doctor.

 ~ If you have provided care or have had close contact with a person confirmed with COVID-19,  please self isolate for 14 days and reschedule your appointment to a later date.

 ~ You must be free of symptoms for 14 days before your next scheduled appointment.

 ~ If you are unsure about about your symptoms, please use Health Canada’s COVID-19 self assessment tool and follow instructions provided.


Upon Arrival 

~ Please arrive on time for your appointment, no more than 5 minutes early

~ If arriving early,  you will be required to wait outside until your appointment time begins.

~ We ask that you please come to your appointment alone.  Anyone accompanying you will be required to wait outside until your treatment is finished.

~ It is required that you wear a mask to your appointment. Please feel free to bring your own.

~ You will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 Pre- Screening survey upon arrival with a sanitized pen.

 ~ We ask that you bring only what you need your appointment.  There will be a designated space for you to place your belongings in the treatment room.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's continue to work together to stay safe and healthy!  We look forward to seeing you soon!