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This collection is formulated with the most luxurious therapeutic grade essential oils combined with anti aging ingredients. Designed to promote cellular renewal and help reduce the signs of aging.

100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils found in this collection:

ROSE (Rosa damascena) Anti-inflammatory, anti aging,  anti-oxidant, reduces scaring, wrinkles and acne.  Fragrant influence: intoxicating, aphrodisiac like.  Helps bring balance and harmony,  allowing one to overcome insecurities.  The effect of rose on the heart brings good cheer with calming and lightness of spirit.
ROYAL HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD (Santalum Paniculatum) Used traditionally in ceremonies and meditation.  Uplifting and relaxing.  It is valued for its moisturizing and normalizing properties.  Great for wrinkles and scarring as well as revitalizing.  Fragrant influence: helps with mental clarity, promotes deep sleep, removes negative programming, grounding and stabilizing influence.
NEROLI ( Citrus aurantium) Highly regarded by the Egyptians for its ability to heal the mind, body and spirit.  Skin conditions such as scars, and wrinkles
Fragrant influence: A natural relaxant used to help treat depression and anxiety. Strengthens and stabilizes the emotions and uplifts and inspires the hopeless, encouraging confidence, courage, joy, peace, and sensuality. It helps bring everything into focus at the moment.
SACRED FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia Sacra) It is regarded the world over as the rarest, most sought after aromatic in existence. It contains boswellic acids, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents. It supports skin health in helping to  regenerate the skin with healthy cells and reduce wrinkles.  Fragrant influence: Calming, meditative, relaxing and promotes higher states of spiritual awareness and higher levels of consciousness.