Candy is a natural born healer! From the moment you walk into the door she makes you feel pampered and nourished. The combination of her professionalism and absolute care makes her stand out as one of the best body workers I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I highly recommend all her services and am a huge fan of her handcrafted products. ~ Nikki Sanchez,  Victoria BC  


Candy is the most talented esthetician I have ever had the pleasure to come across. I have had a dozen of facials at 5 star hotels, boutique spas and privately, and Candy is the best by far. I honestly cannot speak highly enough about her. Her facials are so relaxing, I fall asleep every time! She has such a wonderfully unique style that is like no one else. She leaves my face so hydrated and soft, I am glowing every time!  I tell everyone how amazing she is, I want everyone to feel as good as I do because of her. She’s just fantastic. As an avid user of natural beauty products I can honestly say that Organic Candy products are incredible. The ingredients used are top of the line and are beautiful blends that smell and feel amazing. I’m in love with the whole line and addictively using the luxurious mist daily. Im hooked! ~Brianna,  Victoria BC

A little obsessed with the Soothing line. My skin is feeling so nourished. The Surf elixir is beautiful too. I like to put it in my hair when the ends are feeling fried, and the smell of that one is divine! ~Jessica Leitch,  Tofino BC


Organic Candy products are amazing! I have tried the Uplift hydrating mist, Luxurious Mist,  Soothing face rescue,  Soothing face oil Elixir and Serenity body butter. I wont use anything else anymore. Definitely recommend for all skin types in my opinion and you can mix and match any of the products. Even my boyfriend loves the Uplift Mist!! ~Amanada Block,  Winnipeg Manitoba   

I have had the pleasure of having a treatment from Candy and using some of her products at home. She takes pride in her work and her products are heavenly.  They have no added fillers or preservatives.  These products are filled with high grade ingredients that benefit the body and soul without compromise. ~ Jane Bradly,  Nelson BC 

Candy is extremely  knowledgable, caring and talented. As a professional in the industry for over a decade, she is always keeping up on current trends. I am continuously inspired by her work ethic and professionalism.  I have had the pleasure of enjoying a variety of treatments from Candy such as facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and make up application. I can honestly say that she goes above and beyond for every client and exceeded my expectations every time. The surf hair and body oil Elixir in her skin care line is GOLD! I used it everyday all over when I was in Mexico.  ~ Chelsea Burwash,  Vancouver BC   

I love the smell of the Meditation Mist. I’ve been loving the Palo Santo lately. Its a keeper for sure! My skin is loving the nourishment from the Luxurious face renewal cream and I’ve been using the body butter all over my pregnant belly! ~ Marilyn, Quebec QC 


The first time I had a facial with Candy, it changed my life forever. For better and worse really… Since she gives such an amazing facial, it makes every other facial of your life very sub par. So just a warning, if you get a facial done by her you’ll need to either choose a life living wherever she is,  or never getting another facial again because no one will ever compare. I would 100% recommend her time and time again to anyone I know. She has the perfect touch, gentle without being wimpy, firm without being painful.  Even her extractions are pretty near painless. My skin felt and looked so amazing afterwards. Basically, Candy’s facials are life.  ~ Marlee Janyk,  Vancouver BC

I love the Uplift Hydrating Mist.  My 3 year old daughter asks me to mist her face with the “crystal mist”!  ~Khloe Campbell, Victoria BC 

I personally use the Organic Candy Soothing Face Mist combined with the Soothing intensive face oil elixir and these products are amazing! The aromatherapy aspect of the soothing mist is uplifting and charging while the face oil elixir makes your skin glow and feel spectacular.  The other aspect I really appreciate about these products is that you can pronounce all the ingredients and they are locally made. They are truly unique and amazing product!  ~ Jesse Niven,  Victoria BC

If I had to describe Candy’s signature facial in one word, that word would be otherworldly. Not only with her years of experience in skin care and health, but her background in yoga, you can really feel her rich energy during each session. This will be the best 60-90 minute facial you’ve ever experienced, hands down. I highly recommend the 90 minute so you can really enjoy that extra massage time.  ~ Morgan Hay, Vancouver BC

I have used several products from the Organic Candy line like the Passion Candle and Body Butter. My very favourite has to be the Luxurious Mist  which has a beautiful complex aroma. ~ Panagiota,  Tofino BC

I went and saw Candy for a facial when she worked at an amazing spa in Tofino. Hands down the best facial I have ever had! Candy is so sweet, and extremely knowledgeable about skin care. I absolutely love her skin care line that she has developed herself, my favourite products are definitely the whipped body butters and the Uplift facial mist. I also had the pleasure of experiencing one of her yoga classes  in Tofino.  It was so lovely. ~ Jessica, Vancouver BC

I absolutely love Candy’s work she is very talented and creative. She  brings her whole self into her work and literally leaves me speechless. Her massage is heavenly and her facials are nothing short of the best ! Candy even has her own product line which is top quality and just beautiful! I am a senior massage practitioner so I have high standards, I use all her mists and massage oils in my practice, my clients and fellow practitioners rave about her products , by using her products In my work it brings my own practice to a new level! ~ Andrea,  Victoria BC


Candy is an exceptional yoga teacher and spa therapist, I have had the delightful pleasure of experiencing her blissful facial treatment that leaves you feeling so fresh and relaxed (especially with her unique soft feather brushes she uses at the end - my favourite part!). I've been lucky enough to experience her creatively styled yoga classes, which always leave me feeling fully centered. The atmosphere Candy creates in her classes and treatments are professional, comforting and so nurturing. She is proud and passionate about the beautiful work she does and I couldn't recommend her enough  ~ Madison Riddoch

Candy's facial is different than any other facial because of her personal touch.  Her magical touch!  She has created her own facial with some unique moves that make her treatment a delightful moment.     ~ Sophie, Quebec


I have had so many massages, and they often feel "scripted", as if they all follow the same pattern regardless of the person or problem. Candy's massages are so personal and have so many unique moves. If I'm in the same city as Candy, I refuse to have a massage anywhere else. ~ Stephanie Dacre, Victoria

Wow! Organic Candy is some real yummy candy for the body, mind and soul! The Meditation Mist is definetly in my top 2 products of Organic Candy. The grounding and purifying nature of Palo Santo makes me want to spray it on me, on my pillow case, on my clothes, its infinite...My other fave is the Luxiourous Face Renewal. The sacred balance of the Rose with the sublte woody smell of Frankincense and Hawaiian Sandalwood makes me happy every time :) The silky texture is out of this world and its super nourishing for my skin. The Lavamint lip balm is another inevitable. My lips love it in the cold winter, windy days and also in the sun! So much love to your beautiful natural skin care line. Thanks Candy for making my skin healthy and radiant! ~Mar, Québec, Canada

Where to begin... hard to  say what we love the most about Candy and all her talent and passion. Not only with her Organic Candy skin care products, which by the way, I carry and sell at my Salon/Barber shop on the Westcoast.  My clients, male and female can’t get enough of. Such a luxury! For all types of skin. Her amazing massages and facials are really an incredible treat, she’s got angel hands!!!Yoga!!! , yes, this has been an ongoing passion of Candy's as well, which many of us had the privilege to experience. From personal one on one private lessons, to groups of people from all walks of life. From the cozy indoors to the breathtaking outdoors that surrounds us in beautiful Vancouver island. Truly, you just have to try it all yourself. I’m very proud to share it all with whom ever is lucky enough to met Candy.  Wishing you all the best along your journey and all my love always. ~ Mom


Best facial ever!!  ~Grant Pollard,  Clayoquot Wilderness Resort 



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